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Meet The Artist

My name is Nelly Tal and I am an artist. I would like to welcome you to “Romantic decorative Art” which is a combination of my original paintings and hand-made decorative objects, all of which I have been working on for several years. I continue to make this collection of charmingly beautiful works inspired by my huge love of and passion for art. It also gives me great pleasure to see the delight that my work gives people. Many of my work have found homes in some countries of the world. You can find on my website any work of mine which will make any home beautiful and elegant and it will always be in style. My works are very varied, but all of them have a Classical or Vintage style, and all the work that i have created is of high quality and made with a big passion of art. Much of my paintings is done in the style of the Old Masters. Each month i create 2 or 3 new beautiful works. Custom Orders  are welcome.
Dear friends, thank you that you have visited my website, where i can share my beautiful-romantic works with you. I am living in London which is a very elegant city, with a rich history, with many galleries and museums, and as an artist i am happy to be living here. From an early age i loved to draw and paint, and this love has continued to develop. As a child i attended classes in painting and drawing. These gave me basic skills in art. Later i attended a Technological College of Art where i studied more about art, photography and paintings. When i finished college i received a technological certificate in the trend and specialisation of graphical design.
My creative works began with colour pencils, ink, gouache, oil and acrylic paints. I like to paint on any surface – paper, canvas, wood, plastic, metal, glass, porcelain, fabric, walls, furniture. I love romantic paintings. My favourite styles which i use in my work are – Renaissance (14th-17th centuries), Baroque (17th century), Rococo (18th century), Neoclassicism (18th-19th centuries), Victorian era (19th century) and Shabby Chic design. The painters which inspire me are Nicolas Lancret (1690-1743), Francois Boucher (1703-1770), Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732-1806), Hans Zatzka (1859-1945).
ABOUT ACRYLIC PAINTS AND VARNISH – My recommendations how to take care of any of my products:
At the moment i work with Acrylic Paint. I use very rich colours and tones of paint. As a result of this my works have both an elegant and romantic appearance, and some of them even have an antique style. Acrylic Paints are water soluble, fast drying and also water resistant when dry. The finished acrylic painting can resemble an oil painting, and this is the reason why i love to work with acrylic paint. Keep in mind the colours of the photos of all my work may vary from the original. I cover all my products with a clear gloss or matte varnish which provides long lasting protection against knocks and scratches. Rich finish of clear varnish adds depth to the beauty of any of my works. For a fabricI i am using a fabric paint, so the fabric remain very soft and its washable on a low temperate. For a glass, porcelain or ceramics i am using a special paint and a method (no dishwasher safe). I also love to embroider and sew, so you can find on my website some pages for hand made darling fabric gift bags, embroidery, even hand made jewellery and more.  All these have been designed and hand made by me.
Each item of my work comes signed by me. To take care of any of  my works, i recommend cleaning carefully with a damp cloth. 
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! (except the furniture and Custom Order) – and available for immediate shipping. You are welcome to leave the comments in my GUEST BOOK
Thank you for visiting ROMANTIC DECORATIVE ART.