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Welcome to Romantic Decorative Art.
All the product are designed and hand painted by Nelly Tal the artist.
You are always welcome to discuss any product or price with me, and i am happy to work with you on an individual basis, via email specified on pageCONTACTS“.
If you like any product, but would like to make any changes e.g. a different size or colour, if you would like to order a painting from your own picture (except a portrait) to create something unique for you, or if you wish to make a gift for a loved one, maybe with a personalised name on the product, then these are all possibilities. All my products i am painting with acrylic and covering with a clear varnish – ABOUT ACRYLIC PAINTS AND VARNISH and my recommendations how to take care of any of my products please go to Meet The Artis paige. Any work that you would like me to create for you – prices and the time will vary according to subject, materials etc. 
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! (except the furniture and Custom Order) – and available for immediate shipping for all the other products 
Unique Greeting Cards – If you like me to personalise or to add the age number on any of the card that you like, i will be happy to do it for you with NO EXTRA COST!
Decorated Fabric Bags – If you like me to decorate or to hand paint on any gift bag for a loved one as a gift for a Wedding / Birthday, even to personalise please let me know. I am using a fabric paint, so the fabric remain very soft and its washable on a low temperate.
Shabby Chic and Vintage  / Furniture, Desk Organiser – If you have any house device / item of furniture e.g. a chair, a table, a bedside-table even doors or boxes and you would like it be transformed maybe into a Shabby Chic, or into something that you will love and feel more comfortable with – this is also something i am able to offer. If you would like to create something very individual for you, or for the children with any ornaments that you will choose, you are welcome.
Glass, Vanity Accessories – If you like me to paint any ornaments individual just for you on glass or porcelain e.g. to decorate set of cups or tea set – it could be lovely gift for a loved one or for a Wedding / Birthday, even to personalise the product – just contact me. For a glass, a porcelain or ceramics i am using a special paint and a method (no dishwasher safe). To take care of any of my work, i recommend cleaning carefully with a damp cloth.  
Thank you for visiting ROMANTIC DECORATIVE ART.

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