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Decorative tray - Francois BoucherDecorative tray - Francois Boucher  -1Decorative tray - Francois BoucherDecorative tray - Francois Boucher -1

Decorative tray – Francois Boucher’s scene

£ 149.00 £ 99.00

Hand painted.
Decorative tray.
Acrylic paint.
Wax Gilt (golden leaf).
Covered with a gloss varnish.
Size: 40 x 27.7cm
Depth: 2.7cm

Product Description

 The scene, which is a Rococo style, i have painted after Francois Boucher, he was a French painter in 18th century. Gallant couple are sitting on a grass with some sheep and decorative fountain in the background. Around the edges of the tray are some decorative elements – 3D leaves, on which i have gently applied a non-tarnishing Wax Gilt (gold leaf). The main colour of this decorative tray is black. The back of the tray is also black with a little bit of a Wax Gilt (gold leaf) around it. You can use it for serving or put this decorative tray on display. It looks romantic, elegant and very beautiful. The tray was decorated, painted, covered with a clear gloss varnish and comes signed by me.


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